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    New Inktel.com Project Overview

    Inktel.com deserves a major overhaul to improve upon its performance as a site in attracting clients, talent and in articulating what sets Inktel apart both as a contact center solution, but also as a company in general. Inktel.com should reflect the Inktel brand of Where Talent Lives and where there is a Passion For People. The site should will be modern and reflect current design and technology trends, but also convey professionalism and a company filled with hard working, dedicated, humble, respected, smart, friendly people. The people of Inktel is what is its unique value proposition.

    SEO strategy and the power of WordPress themes and plugins will be utilized to ensure a high performing website in regards to easy of use, pertinent content, and a driver of sales and recruiting leads.

    Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Salesforce will be used to measure success.

    Current Sitemap

    Theme Selection

    Using our online resource of themes we are currently considering the following:




    We are also looking at Elegant Themes Divi and Elementor to help with the build to make the development versatile and uncomplicated. Theme selection desired due date: July 23.

    New Sitemap

    A new sitemap will be created featuring any new menu items and new content. Combining previous pages or content will also be considered to help the user experience and search engine optimization. Input from Business Development is needed here to edit and identify specific verticals or industries to target for SEO. Desired due date: August 8.


    Using the templates from the identified theme, we will start creating wireframes of where images, headlines, paragraph text, buttons will be placed and sized. Desired due date: September 1.


    We will select an SEO plugin to utilize so as to keep up with any changes Google or Bing or Duckduckgo do to their algorithm. Yoast, SEO Framework, AllinOne, and SEO Press will be considered as well as others. Depending on performance, paid features or paid help with SEM Rush or Hrefs may be recommended. A list of terms will be formed that we want to result for and will be used during seo perfoamnce audits. Desired due date: August 11.


    James will edit previous copy and write new copy that is needed for updating the previous pages and creation of new pages. We may have to collect previous writing or ask for new writing from knowlegable sources such as Jason Schlenker. Desired due date: September 1.

    Image Creation/Selection

    Franky and James will develop the images for the site. This will include photography and graphics that articulate the inktel brand. If shots will be needed we will source authentic stock photography, but also Chris and James will shoot original photography, all that is in alignment with the Inktel brand. Desired due date: September 1.


    Chris will take the lead on the actual page builds and work in concert with other BVDP members in the creation of the site. Other users will be adept and building pages that have similar templates to make the build efficient and timely. Desired due date: September 24.

    Testing / QA

    Testing and quality assurance will be conducted testing on all major browsers and devices. We will test page load speeds and if the layout load as intended. Desired due date: October 1.

    Training (if needed)

    If management, business development, recruiting or client services needs to create content in the form of blog posts or other means of furthering the Inktel brand or expanding sales and service, users will be created and a class will be given to each user. We will also create support documents to be a resource.