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    Apollo Bank Culture Celebration


    Buena Vista Digital Partners is the agency of record for Apollo Bank so when the award-winning community bank needed help with some culture celebration pieces, BVDP put on the thinking cap to help.


    Apollo Bank | www.apollobank.com


    November 2021 - January 2022

    Culture Book:

    First, was a culture book that articulated the work culture of the bank’s six branches and proclaimed the company’s values and mission. With the bank’s origin stemming from the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2009, Apollo Bank launched in 2010 to fill the dearth of service-driven, quality community banks. The Apollo Bank mission is to provide a world class banking experience for entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, and professionals.

    The book reflected that commitment to providing incredible customer experiences, a great workplace staffed with wonderful people, and to having a lasting impact in the community.

    Filled with a mix of photos from the historic Apollo moon missions and shots from Apollo Bank office, community events and charity drives, the book paints the picture of what life at Apollo Bank is like. The book was mass produced with a soft touch cover with high gloss paper inside to give to new hires, existing staff, and special partners.

    Billion Dollars Commemorative Tombstone

    To celebrate the milestone of managing a billion dollars in assets, Apollo Bank came to Buena Vista for ideas on a commemorative tombstone. Buena Vista designed a mock billion dollar Apollo Bank note to be molded in acrylic. The design features an astronaut from the Apollo 11 moon mission, Apollo Bank branding, and fun features like the bank’s board of directors listed on one side of the note. The Chairman, President and Chief Financial Officer signatures are featured with some other fun easter eggs.

    Holiday Card:

    To celebrate the year and to wish staff, clients, partners, and community members a happy holiday, Apollo asked Buena Vista to custom design an Apollo Bank branded card. The festive astronaut holiday illustration was well received by all with many complimenting the clean, but elegant design. The illustrated Apollo Bank astronaut may also be popping up in other materials for other events and holidays. Maybe not Mickey Mouse, but a fun mascot, nonetheless.