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    Ricky Arriola Logo Design & Brand Creation


    Ricky Arriola’s team needed a redesigned website and a rebranding for his public service work, such as being a Miami Beach Commissioner and philanthropist. The new look needed to be clean, original, related to Miami Beach, and be able to apply to all the materials that will be needed for all of Mr. Arriola’s duties. The logo, website, and overall brand required an easily recognizable look that inspired optimism for the future with a subtle nod to Miami Beach’s past.


    Miami Beach Commissioner, J. Ricky Arriola | www.rickyarriola.com


    November - December 2021

    Brand Ideation

    First, work began on the logo. Many symbols, icons and treatments were considered, but the simplicity of the initials gave room for that desired clean, sophisticated design. In exploring combinations of the initials, the Buena Vista design team with Mr. Arriola’s team decided a san-serif combination of the letters created a logo that checked all of the boxes for the desired outcome. The design harkened back to Art Deco Miami Beach in a subtle fashion, but was not dated or overtly Art Deco. A similar san serif type face was chosen for the name, usually below the logo and a thin rectangular stroke or frame was added to compound the elegance of the Art Deco style. Finally, the gradient sky blue connotes optimism and is another slight wink to the pastel colors of Miami Beach.


    For the website, Buena Vista wanted to give the user a simple and smooth experience where the user can learn quickly the different areas of Mr. Arriola’s public life. A scroll large or small, led to each section that includes an overview, Mr. Arriola’s credentials such as education and civic work, his work as a Miami Beach Commissioner, his work as CEO of Inktel Holdings, a blog of his writing and media consumption, and finally a form with his contact information. It was important that social media accounts be easily accessible so they along with the navigational menu stay present and clear no matter where the user is on the site. Finally quality assurance was performed so that the user’s experience remains consistent no matter what device or sized screen they are on.

    The Result

    The new brand, logo, and website combined gave Ricky Arriola’s team the look and functionality they wanted. Now users can learn about Mr. Arriola, keep up on his latest views and positions, and see what is next in his public life.